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Espace public - Transeuropa Treasure Hunt


[edit] Why are we doing this?

Public space is the only place where we can take the pulse, see exactly what we can do....you can’t do something right until you are in it in order to smell it, feel it, work with it.

As the ways we are able to imagine what we can effectively do in public space are being more and more constrained, we want to "subvert" the way public space is usually perceived. We want to show it can be reinvested by the public in a creative way so that it raises questions.

We want to show that an alternative use of public space can be made, that would foster democracy by allowing people to express their ideas and feelings, connect people rather than alienate them and used as a tool of creation and as a tool for protest.

In various discussions with Transeuropa Network, we have come up with activities we will organise, including a treasure hunt / social market!

This will be taking place in a public space where people can exchange skills & ideas and go on a treasure hunt to take the pulse, subvert and question public space. There are three cities - Bologna, Cluj and London - currently organising this activity, each adapted to their local context.

To make it transnational, we will be sending disused objects from one social market to another to be exchanged. We are also planning to exchange people who will travel between the cities to host skill shares in another city.

We will also have a performance bus which will connect the home of the Transeuropa Festival at the Rochelle School in London with the treasure hunt in Brixton Village.

[edit] What's the idea?

Invite people to go on a treasure hunt to map the community around a very small area which people could easily walk around in a an hour.

The cards/objects will give people clues to find examples of how people have re-used things, re-claimed space or re-purposed ideas.

Underneath the cards will be vouchers to give people pledges to take actions in that area and record those actions.

[edit] How will it work?

People would walk around the treasure hunt either by themselves or in expedition to complete as many missions as they can in one hour, starting and finishing at Brick Box.

To make the hunt fun, we will write up clues to where the treasures are in secret or hidden places. We will also create "minitiature characters" for people to find using corks or lego. Work with the market so that the characters represent the market.

Mission where the clue is another language and you have to tweet it to another person to get the answer

People can roll the die to help you find your way around the market. You can't reverse direction unless you're at a dead end or find yourself in an unsafe situation

For each mission completed, people will get one point, an extra point if a photo is taken and a point deducted for each minute they arrive back late. The winning team will get a prize, but there'll also be prizes for the top ten people who complete the treasure hunt!

If you get x number of missions completed, you get a voucher to buy two drinks. But you can only get a drink if you find someone else to get the drink.

We will ask people to SMS/MMS texts and photos to the Transeuropa website. The texts and photos would be sent to the Transeuropa website which would show them where they were taken on a virtual map.

[edit] What are the missions

How would you re-use the space you’re in? What idea would you want to develop for this area? What skill would you want to share? What would you make with the object? What would you like to learn? What dream do you have? What pledge will you make?

* Leave "pick me up" objects for people to find

Get an object that you don't use anymore and leave a "pick me up" note in it. Leave it in an unused space in the market for people to find. Put a post it with a clue stuck onto the object.

* Ask people "what future do you choose"

* Add an "I wish this was" sticker on an object or space you'd like to improve'

* Create twitter templates to produce a physical twitterfall

Create twitter templates that people can fill in about their experience of the treasure hunt. Put it on a massive poster to show a physical twitterfall.

* Spot the "making friends" objects

Draw eye circles on a piece of paper. Paint back of page with wheat paste. Cut out eye circles. Put them on objects in the market so it looks they have facial expressions.

* Make a wish tree

Make a wish tree with tags of pledges that people have to do and blank tags where people can create their own pledges.

* Spot the alterations or additions

Add alternative slogans to advertising posters or billboards and get players to spot the slogan.

* Write your hidden fortunes

Write a hidden fortune on a tag that can be given to someone else

* Write a love letter to the market

Tell it all the things you admire about them and then others can continue the letter.

* Become a public space superhero

Imagine you're a superhero for public space. What do you stand for? What are your weapons for subverting the use of public space? What does your superhero costume look like?

* Get people in each participating cities to take a photo of something identical and map the photos

* Draw slogan stickers

Come up a slogan that describes why the market is so special to you. Make them funky and attractive.

* Draw a poster of your day

Draw, write or attach photos which documents an average day in your life (or that of a fictional character!)

Create your public services

* Draw a map of the treasure hunt

Draw a map of the treasure hunt and pin all the different shops taking part

All of this aims to develop a story of the treasure hunt, which has been collectively produced by the participants themselves.

[edit] What is the social market?

We will host a Waffle Bank, a concept created by Micronomics. Here you can exchange a skill or a service you can provide for a freshly made waffle or another service or good held in the bank. Your service may be anything from a teaching skill to a technical or caring skill: a language introduction, repairing a bike or a part of a house, massage, a haircut. You may want to offer something that until now escapes definition: facebooking, city walking, listening.

Already we have people volunteering to exchange afternoon music lessons in exchange for stage time on the evening of the treasure hunt.

We will invite people from the other participating cities (Amsterdam, Berlin, Cluj, Bologna, Lublin, Paris, Prague & Sofia) to host a skill share at the social market.

We will also have a bicycle tour organised with Brighter Future, where you'll be able to discover the safe and easy spaces in the city to ride a bike, and explore the possibilities for a more sustainable urban transport system. More on that soon!

We will also have a skill share on our bus which will connect the Rochelle School and Brixton Village.

We will leave Rochelle School at around 1pm to arrive in Brixton Village at around 2pm. While the treasure hunts take place, one of our performance arts partners might do performances on the big red bus.

From 3-4pm we will have a live skype/twitter linkup with participants in Cluj (Romania) where people taking part in the treasure hunt will need to ask people in Cluj for answers to clues for a mission.

We will then have a return journey to arrive at the Rochelle School again at about 5pm, for anyone that wants to come back. And then we could run the bus back to Brick Box in the evening, leaving at around 9pm, for the 'after party'.

As part of the social market, we will bring "so called" waste like plastic bags or punctured bicycle pumps and get people to turn them into something useful (like a handbag!).

We will set up a skill share wall so that people can sign up to either take part or host a skill share on the day.

We will also have a twitterfall with #treasurehunt hashtag so "treasure hunters" from different cities can communicate with each other. Visualisation tools we may use include TwitterFountain.

[edit] What ideas do we have for prizes?

Brixton Pounds, Brick Box Cocktails, The Future I Choose Tshirt, Social Spaces Goodies

[edit] How do we make it transnational?

Players in one city send clues to another city. Organisers send a video of the treasure hunt to organisers to show to participants in their city. Use video projector to show TwitterFall or Skype conversation.

[edit] What do we need to do to prepare the treasure hunt?

Organise a "creating session": Work with people who want to help organise treasure hunt how to create props for it (like stencils, mission cards, posters, etc)

Create a treasure hunt within a square mile around the area where cards/objects within this area can be planted.

Create a map to show the different stages of the treasure hunt.

Organise guided tour so every hour someone takes groups around the hunt.

[edit] What stuff do we need to prepare it?

Mission cards, recycled objects.

Generic SMS number to send texts to website.

People to place those objects/mission cards

Map of the area

Camera and video camera to photograph missions and treasure hunt

Video camera and Audio boo to record people's impressions of the treasure hunt

Black board to show missions and skill share wall (and post its, pencils, pens & crayons).

We will also be sending disused objects from one social market to another to be exchanged. We will all bring an object to the next Transeuropa Network meeting in Cluj so that this can be taken to the social markets in Cluj/London/Bologna in time for the festival.

The objects will ask what’s the relation between you, your environment and the city you’re going to visit? Based on these findings, what kind of object, text or photograph captures it?

By bringing our individual ‘relics’ together, we’re creating a collaborative visualisation of our transnational transeuropa network.

For the next meeting, can anyone bring one or more object(s) to Cluj and prepare a little explanation (1 or 2 sentences) about why you chose your contribution. This explanation can make people understand why you chose this specific ‘thing’.

The object can be something personal, handmade, second hand or new etc. The only restrictions are that it fits in your suitcase.

For the text, think of literature, your own poem or story. When you create something yourself, please present it nice.

Of course, feel free to bring your own photograph, but please bring a print and not a digital file. All the objects will be photographed in Cluj by a professional photographer in our network.

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