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Participate as an individual
If you live in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, France, the United Kingdom, Slovakia or Germany, you can get in contact with our coordinator and see with them how to give a hand.

You can also become a volunteer for the Europe Fair during the Transeuropa Festival. Write to us to see how or sign up to become a member

You can submit any best practice report, or research findings on any of the topics highlighted above to a.valera(@)euroalter.com

If you have video making or video editing skills and would like to help telling the story of the Citizens Pact, get in contact with our video coordinator Severine s.lenglet(@)euroalter.com

You can like our European Alternative page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and spread the news (#Citizenspact and #EUdemocracynow) about the Citizens Pact.

You can make something concrete to start with and sign the European Initiative on Media Freedom,  one of the practical proposals we will take to Brussels.

You can push your local authority, such as Mayors and City councils, to adopt resolutions supporting and actively contributing to the constituent process of the Citizens pact.

The Citizens Pact set of principles

  • We believe that a lot more should be done to make Europe, and the European Union in particular, a more democratic place
  • We believe that a pact should be made among citizens as well as between citizens and institutions
  • We believe that Europe has a united future:  we reject the current logic of austerity, without refusing all European aspiration to a Union or to integration. This means that we are critical of the current political process and the ineffectual EU institutions, but believe Europe has a constitutional and institutional future
  • We believe that policy in Europe should deal with issues of immediate concern to citizens, particularly relating to social justice, employment and workers’ rights, environmental protection, conversion of productive model in an ecological sense, civic rights for European citizens (focusing notably on groups generally excluded, such as migrants and LGBT groups)
  • We believe citizens often have the answers to problems of continental scale. Through the Citizens Pact we want to reach as many of them as possible and to hear their policy proposals for a better and fairer Europe
  • We believe that the EU needs to be reformed institutionally, as it currently lacks the structure for citizens to influence the decision-making process at European level
  • We recognize that the European Parliament is the most legitimate organ, despite not having sufficient power and still being formed by MEPs elected in one country and representing that country. For this reason, if necessary, collaboration between MEPs and the Citizens Pact may be sought
  • We also recognize that local government, particularly Municipalities, have to play a crucial role as the institutional level most close to social needs and claims. A radically renewed, democratic “Europe of the citizens” has also to be an “Europe of the cities”
  • We take the European Parliament elections of 2014 as a medium term goal, to make sure that the content of the Citizens Manifesto will be taken into consideration by those who will run to become Members of the European Parliament
European Alternatives is first and foremost as a transnational community of activists. The organisation was started with the ambition of bringing together people who want to create a better Europe for a better world.
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